About Us

A sterling reputation built on timeless quality

Vancouver’s boutique real estate developer

With a reputation built on exquisite quality and meticulousness, Nadeau Developments is highly regarded throughout the Greater Vancouver building industry. With our extensive experience and our attention to detail on every project, Nadeau Developments embodies the definition of a boutique real estate developer, from our careful planning and consultation processes, to our small, expert team.
Nadeau Developments is proud of its ability to be selective in its approach to which projects we adopt. Our focus on high-quality real estate developments means we are involved only in builds we believe will have a positive impact on the surrounding community for decades to come.
Our carefully curated team lends a scrutinous eye to each aspect of the project throughout the design phase, and all the way to completion. Our portfolio includes single-family homes, multifamily condominiums and mixed-use development throughout Greater Vancouver. In everything we do, we consider the individuals and families who will occupy the spaces we so attentively create.
Our extensive experience spans nearly any project type, including complex heritage revitalization developments, modern concrete structures, glass and steel construction, and much more.

About Dwayne Nadeau

Esteemed in the Vancouver area for his high-quality residential and mixed-use builds, Dwayne Nadeau was first recognized in the local construction industry as the owner and president of Wolverine Lumber – a Courtney, BC-based saw mill that produced impeccable custom-cut large clear timber products for residential and commercial construction.
Dwayne is a 20-year resident of Vancouver, where he continues to live with his wife, Cheryl, and their two children.


Timeless Aesthetic. Quality. Attention to Detail. Sustainability. Performance.
These five elements represent our philosophy and our guiding principles, which we implement in every aspect of our work. We believe our commitment to this philosophy results in residential developments in Vancouver that are a pleasure to the people who occupy them, and will remain a testament to our company’s legacy.